Friday; October 13, 0001

I don't know why I hadn't thought about this earlier! A public journal of sorts for me to utilize in school..hopefully it remains useful. Rehash of a vent journal I held two years ago on this month, only this one should be significantly less mentally draining to read. How splendid! Today isn't of much importance, neither is yesterday, or the day prior, or most other days. This morning I had a dream I was in a specific portion of my town where there had been heavy reconstruction done, and it looked less like my town and more like a Japanese district [Shinsekai, maybe?] where there were two towers with bright lights glaring out of it, as well as many businesses surrounding a food truck. Pretty much everything was in Japanese, down to payment for the food truck being in Yen. I feel it could be a good basis for Starkweather's image post-reconstruction. I'll think about it.

Monday; October 16, 0001

It's Barbenheimer day at my school! I see a shitload of Barbies and a few assorted Oppenheimers, however I was personally stuck in a pickle; my mom hadn't gotten up off her ass the entire weekend, she hadn't washed any of my pink clothing [much to per's disdain] and she WOKE ME UP AT 6:50...I barely had the time to pick out an outfit, let alone even shower [she washed my hair for me and got water all over my nostrils and ears, it was an ethereal experience] so I threw away the Barbie thing last minute and threw together a strange gothic ensemble. [a black dress and a frilly undershirt] to make an attempt at 40s fashion [I looked like a fucking widow...I should have done this back in April after the Wife Incident of March 1989] I'm getting many compliments which is cool but nobody can tell which one I'm doing and to be frank I have no idea what I'm doing either

Tuesday; October 17, 0001

It is now character day, where everybody dresses up as whichever character they'd like...first year of failing to do Veronica Sawyer, second year of failing to do Perry, third year of failing to do JD, WE STAY ON THAT ALLISON BREAKFAST CLUB GRINDSET!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! PHYLLIS SPREITZER FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!! anyway my mom didn't take me shopping again so I did the same thing I did last year, only I look more like Allison because I got that goddamn haircut. THANK GOD I DID!!!!!!! Unfortunately there were several things I forgot: A; a copy of Prince's 1999 [Per won't stop nagging me about that], B; a coke and a gross olive loaf sandwich, C; my funny tote bag from last year, and D; dandruff. I'm quite quite pissed off it's been two years of Perry's entire existence and I still haven't able to cop myself a pink varsity jacket with silver sleeves :-( [which he is responding to by telling me "skill issue" i hate him so much]

Wednesday; October 18, 0001

Thank God I figured out what Surf & Turf meant because I could've looked like a fucking idiot if not. Anyway, today's hallways are divided into three; one third of the school showed up looking like the cast of Teen Beach Movie, another third look like greasers, [MEEE!!!!! MEME THATS MEEEE] and the final third are lame as hell and didn't even dress up. Those guys are honorary freshmen fr!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, today is the book club's first meeting where we may discuss this book I was just given???? Which takes place in 1986 so I couldn't help but immediately think "REFERENCE?!!??!?!?!!??!!?!!??!" becasue if my head makes dumb allusions to The Lemonade Stand all hell practically breaks loose. Oh and Skinny Puppy was mentioned once so I went "REFERENCE!?!??!?!!!?!?!??!?!?!" again and this time Literal Spawn Of Satan was Birthed from the Pits of Starkweather

Friday; October 20, 0001

goofy ass FORGOT TO MAKE AN ENTRY YESTERDAY!!!!! but that doesn't matter I was pretty much depressed the entire time until the second school ended [quite painfully ironic] though I stayed after to help out with hallway decorating and then I went shopping for orange clothing, all a success. Pretty good day all in all, and this one is only going so much better; It's spirit day and everyone's wearing their class colours, of course, and soon we get to buy a shit ton of snacks and make a mess of it all in the pep rally that's coming right, it will be raining by the time snacks are being sold so they'll take place inside within the foyer, and I bet your ass it's going to look so fucking cool I love how that place looks during the rain!!! I volunteered to stay a while after school to help take down the decorations, and then I'll be walking home with my wife in the rain...DID I MENTION IT'S PHM DAY!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!?! IT'S MY WIFE'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! RAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited that I finally get to celebrate 10.20 without either forgetting about it entirely or being insanely depressed the entire time...I love my wife so much!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow's going to be insane as well because the night of 10.21 [once upon a time by simple minds day; the corresponding character is Wiley Post High's headmaster] will be the homecoming dance. A little on-the-nose, isn't it? This week has been an adventure for these reasons and more, It's caught up to me how busy I could potentially be this school year, and this is a rather good thing...I'm mere inches away from figuring this entire existence out. Nothing could be better.

Monday; October 23, 0001

God save the happy wallflower.

Friday; October 26, 0001

I nearly forgot why it was I forgot to update for the week until I reopened this page and saw the date. Now I remember why.

Tuesday; October 31, 0001

Now I realize why it is I cannot truly connect with my sophomore English teacher as I did my freshman English teacher. My history class had an assignment to write a fictitious letter; either in the point of view of George Washington to the Continental Congress, or of a member of the colonial-era army writing to a family member or loved one at home. I chose the latter, with the subjects being two siblings: an estranged brother and a sister back home, namely. So far, I have a half of the letter done, and my history teacher thinks my writing so impressive and she wants to see it finished. This is the exact kind of energy I got from my freshman English teacher, who saw lots of potential in my writing, effectively motivating me to have my work done for his class. This is exactly what I've been missing from my English class this year. It's not just my teacher, it's not just that the work isn't engaging to me, it's also that I don't even get a chance to expand upon and develop my writing. With no moral support, where am I going to get the will to improve?

Saturday; November 04, 0001


Thursday; November 09, 0001

If the correct person is reading this, he wants me to tell you he misses you.

Monday; December 11, 0001

>> if only you could see what i remember of you <<